Vignan Techno School

Welcome to Vignan Techno School

Vignan Techno School firmly believes quality education leads to a healthy society. It understands and respects every child's individuality and strives hard to ensure that their individuality is sustained.

Vignan Techno school has been tremendously successful in the field of education, because it has not waited for things to happen, but has created opportunities instead of waiting for it to knock. This proactive approach has resulted in creating many vistas for learning and setting up different verticals in the field of education to suit the varying needs of the students.

Vignan Techno School right from the inception year is known for its innovative integrated Foundation Programmes from VI to X class, which has empowered, students to be successful to step into IITs, NITs, BITS, AFMC, JIPMER and so on.

Vignan Techno School offers a futuristic education, which unites an excellent academic preparation with development of character and confidence. The school's approach teaches the students to learn about themselves and how steadfastness and happiness in this ever-changing competitive world may be discovered. The sole aim is to allow students to grow gracefully into holistic and self-reliant individuals, achieving at the academic level more than they think is possible.